Benefits of IEEE Membership

About IEEE

  • Today, Professional networking is a necessary skill for a lifetime of career success. IEEE provides a network with an unparalleled, global community of professionals.
  • IEEE opens the door to opportunities that will help you to develop your professional identity in IEEE's designated fields of interest: Sciences, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).
  • IEEE members take time to make a difference in the lives of individuals or entire communities as part of Humanitarian challenge.
  • Professional Networking
    • Professional networking is a necessary skill for a lifetime of career success. IEEE is a Network with an unparalleled, global community of professionals.
  • Career Resources and Recognition
    • Through IEEE, you can find colleagues who share your vision and commitment - those who are moving technology forward today.
    • Being a student is the first job of your professional career. IEEE help with valuable scholarship, and award program opportunities.
  • Keeping Technically Current
    • Technology Professionals and Engineers will always be continually challenged to keep abreast of new and changing technology.
    • In addition to your studies, IEEE has the means for you to remain technically current through competitions and award winning publications.

Benefits of IEEE Membership

    • As a member, you'll be presented with new resources, valuable opportunities and many discounts that will help you advance your career in the right direction.
    • IEEE student members have access to numerous continuing education opportunities at discounted rates.
    • IEEE offers many student awards, competitions, and other opportunities to get actively involved.
    • IEEE provides many resources for volunteer members involved with student activities in over 2,150 Student Branches.
    • IEEE Student members reap the same benefits as professional members, such as discounts on many technical resources, and reduced registration fees for conferences, plus student discounts on Society memberships, publications and more.
    • IEEE members enjoy reduced rates on many proprietary products and services including IEEE books and eBooks, journals and articles, conferences and proceedings, standards, society memberships, and continuing education courses.
    • IEEE Student members have access to a variety of affinity programs.
    • Sample savings for IEEE members:

Typical IEEE Member Purchases

Non-Member Rate

Member Rate

 IEEE publications subscription



 IEEE Xplore article



 IEEE Spectrum magazine



 IEEE conference registration



 IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing



 IEEE Symposium on 3D User Interfaces



 IEEE eLearning course

 Not available


 IEEE book on career survival



 IEEE Biometrics Certification




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