Objective IETE


The IETE Students' Forum shall be set up at each major recognized Engineering College / University, with the assistance and involvement of senior faculty members of the Institution. The IETE Centre in the region shall provide support and coordination in the establishment and the working of the forum.
The IETE Students Forum shall have the following broad objectives :

  • To plan and organize technical programmes and activities, such as, special lectures, workshops, seminars, symposia, exhibitions etc for the benefit of student members on a regular basis.

  • To provide a common platform for the student members to exchange ideas and information on the topics of their interest e.g. curriculum, employment / higher educational opportunities, emerging trends, new development etc;

  • To facilitate technical visits / practical training / project work  / employment, of the student members in R&D laboratories, industries, academic institutions etc;

  • To encourage team work and the spirit of self-reliance among the student members;

  • To serve as a focal point at the institution on all aspects of professional development of the student members.


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