Sri P.Narayana Reddy




KITSW has been committed to imparting quality education to all since its inception in 1980 with a mission "to make our students technologically superior and ethically strong by providing quality education with the help of our dedicated faculty and staff and thus improve the quality of human life". With immense satisfaction it was observed that the college which was started as an undergraduate institution has recorded steady progress and today it is an autonomous institute with full fledge undergraduate, post graduate and research programmes.

The institute has a very good administrative set up, faculty & staff, facilities, academics & research and student activities. Further, we seek inputs from our stakeholders to assess the performance of the institute and identify the areas to focus for future development.

As I look ahead, I can visualize that this institute will grow in pursuit of higher standards of teaching and research, and give shape to our dreams. It will continue to serve a significant role in technical education in the service of our country.


(Sri P.Narayana Reddy)



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