Rules and Regulations
  • English is the medium of instruction for all the teaching and research programmes.
  • The Institute has a rich tradition of exemplary behavior of students and staff. A mood of cooperation, discipline and mutual trust prevails on the campus. The Institute administration expects all the students to conform to the prevailing norms regarding discipline and general behavior.
  • Ragging in any form, within or outside the college is strictly prohibited and any student found indulging in ragging will be expelled from the Institute and punished as per the rules of the Government.
  • Students are expected to have a sense of belongingness and have respect for the property of the Institute and Individuals. Any student found wantedly damaging institutional assets like fixtures, equipment, insturments, furniture, books, buildings, vehicles etc., and/or individual property is liable for severe punishment including expulsion.
  • Smoking and chewing pan in the campus is not permitted. Use of alcoholic drinks, within the premises of the Institute is strictly prohibited.The students must abstain from the use of drugs or any other narcotics.
  • Every student must abide by the rules and regulations framed by the Institute from time-to-time. Every student will be issued personal identity card for four years and he/she should carry the same at all time. Students are expected to be courteous and friendly with the faculty, staff and other students of the Institute.
  • Every student must be punctual and regular in attending all classes and sessional tests. Students are expected to join NSS and NCC and participate in games, sports, cultural and other co-curricular activites.


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