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Vision: "Providing professional, ethically responsible managers and entrepreneurs to the society"

Mission: "To impart quality management education that enables the student to develop their skills and knowledge to achieve their professional goals."

Objective: "Providing Management Education to the Students who aspire to become Successful Managers and make them socially responsible and Ethically Practicing Executives for the well being of the Nation"

Commitment Policy: "We commit ourselves to cater the intellectual needs of budding Managers, Professionals, Business Tycoons and Entrepreneurs"

Program Educational Objectives (PEO’s):
1. To inculcate professionalism, ethical attitude, team spirit, leadership and lifelong learning to achieve career goals.
2. To equip students with requisite knowledge, skill and attitude for holistic development to be efficient managers.
3. To acquire logical, technical and analytical skills in all core areas of management.

Programme Outcomes (PO’s):
1. Analyse and solve complex organisational problems using management skills, creativity and knowledge of relevant disciplines.
2. Utilize qualitative and quantitative methods to investigate and solve critical business issues and aid in decision making.
3. Demonstrate value based leadership and team work ability through communication skills.
4. To understand, analyse and communicate global, economic, environmental, political, legal and ethical aspects of business.
5. Possess the ability to imbibe continuous learning and keeping abreast of the recent trends, technology, research and
development in industry

Program Specific Outcomes (PO’s):
1. Understand the concept of information technology, systems for application in current business situations.
2. Develop skills to establish new ventures and fulfil societal needs.
3. Develop skills and capacity to cater to organisational Marketing, Financial Human Resource and Operational needs.

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