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  • The Mathematics & Humanities Department shares the vision of the institute in achieving excellence in teaching and research by providing latest technical knowledge, analytical and practical skills, Managerial competence and interactive abilities to students, so that their employability is enhanced.
  • To cultivate mathematical taste, nurture mathematical interests, motivate research in mathematical sciences so that one can work on challenging real life problems.
  • To impart necessary communication skills and proficiency in English Language so that the presentation skills of the students are improved.
  • To develop the oral and written skills of students and to improve their confidence level.

The Department of Mathematics & Humanities has got its present status in April, 2004. Earlier it was part of Humanities and Sciences Department. It has always believed in striving for excellence in research and teaching and has succeeded in this endeavor. Over the years, the department was recognized as Research Centre by Kakatiya University, Warangal, and has evolved as one of the epicenter of research in the Telangana Region of Andhra Pradesh, India. Growing steadily, today the department offers courses in Mathematics, Communicative English and Management at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, besides offering opportunities for doctoral research.

The department has highly qualified faculty consisting of five Professors, seven Assistant Professors. In their pursuit for research the faculty members have covered a vast areas, such as, Nonlinear Analysis, Ordinary/Partial differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, Numerical & Classical Methods in Fluid Mechanics (Flow through porous media), Elasticity, Operations Research, General Management, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, American Literature. The entire faculty is actively engaged in research in their respective fields and innumerable research papers are being published every year in the various journals of repute. More than ten research scholars are pursuing Ph.D. and three scholars have been conferred Ph.D. degrees.

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