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Dept. of Physical Sciences
KITS Warangal

  • To make the students understand the basic principles and concepts of Physics and Chemistry thoroughly that are essential for a successful engineer with environmental awareness.

  • To motivate and train the students acquire required knowledge for engineering applications by giving necessary inputs in theoretical skills of Physical Sciences.

This Department has its existence since the inception of this institute, as a part of the Department of Humanities and Sciences with Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English and Commerce & Management as its constituent sections. The Department of Humanities & Sciences has been bifurcated on 24th January 2005 into the Department of Physical Sciences and Department of Mathematics & Humanities.
The Department of Physical Sciences presently comprises of fourteen committed and experienced faculty members with three Professors, five Assistant Professors (senior scale) and six Assistant Professors. Most of them have the teaching experience at this institute between 12 to 30 years or more and ten faculty members are possessing Ph.D. degree and others are pursuing their doctoral degree. Both the Physics and Chemistry sections of this department offer service courses like Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry and Environmental studies by Chemistry section to the first year students of B.Tech. degree programs of all disciplines. The department has spacious well established Engineering Physics & Engineering Chemistry laboratories, catering to the academic requirements to enable the students to get hands – on experience in practical skills.
The faculty members of this department have been actively engaged in research activity and continuing education programs to keep themselves abreast with the latest development in relevant areas. More than 50 research papers have been published by the faculty members in National & International Journals, besides presenting more than 80 research papers in National & International seminars / conferences. Earlier the department has received research grants to an extent of Four Lakhs from the University Grants Commission (UGC) for carrying out two minor research projects and one major project. Earlier one of the faculty members has visited foreign countries to pursue his Post Doctoral work. The Chemistry Section of this department has been recognized as a research center by the Kakatiya University, Warangal and so for four students have obtained Ph.D., degrees.
In addition, the Chemistry section has been engaged in carrying out the consultancy work related to water analysis for domestic and industrial needs.


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