Faculty Advisors:

Dr. G. Ganesh Kumar, Asst. Prof., MED
Sri A. Hari Kumar, Asst. Prof., MED


  1. The club is inaugurated on 26th Feb 2009 by Dr. PADMANABHAM, Associate Director, ARC, and Hyderabad.
  2. Our team Maiden mob participated in SAE-BAJA 2010 competition held at Indore during 29th to 31st Jan 2010 and the team secured 13th  position in National level.
  3. Organized TIER – I events on 13th August 2010. Aero modeling, Technical Paper presentation, Auto Quiz, Business Plan CAD Modeling.
  4. Hosted SAE-INDIA TIER-II (AP Division mini Convention) on 30th August 2010  Sri S. Srinivasa Rao Scientist-E CVRDE Chennai was the Observer.                    
  5. Participated in TIER III event at Chennai.
  6. Organized a one day Industrial visit to South Central Railway work shop Lalaguda.
  7. Organized a one day factory visit to ASHOK LEYLAND Chennai on 23rd September 2010.
  8. Organized a one day factory visit to ASHOK LEYLAND Chennai on 05th October 2010.
  9. A team of 5 Students attended a workshop at SARDAR PATEL JAIN College Mumbai organized by SAE-BAJA for selected Candidates of BAJA 2011.
  10. Our team Maiden Mob participated in SAE BAJA 2011 competition held at Indore during 28th to 31th Jan 2011 and the team stood 30th in National level.
  11. Mr. A.Vamshi Krishna a pre final year student attended SAE COLT (Club officer Leadership Training) program held on 25th and 26th Feb 2011 At Chennai.
  12. Organized one day visit to Vasantha Tool Crafts, Hyderabad, 17th March 2011.
  13. Organized TIER – I events during 11th – 13th August 2011. Aero modeling, Technical Paper presentation, Auto Quiz, Business Plan CAD Modeling.
  14. The student team representing our institution has cleared the SAE INDIA VIRTUAL BAJA 2012 competition held during 19th – 20th August, 2011 at Dayanandsagar College of Engineering, Bangalore.
  15. The student team representing our institution has cleared the VIRTUAL SUPRA SAEINDIA 2012 competition held during 27th – 29th January, 2012 at ANSYS Inc., Pune.
  16. The student team LEGIONS’F1representing our institution has participated the SAE INDIA BAJA 2012 competition held on 17th Feb 2012 at Pitampur, Madhya Pradesh.
  17. Mr. K. Veeresh Kumar, a pre final year student attended SAE COLT (Club officer Leadership Training) program held on 31st March & 1st April 2012 at St. Xavier’s TamilNadu.
  18. Our team LEGIONS’F1 participated in SUPRA SAEINDIA 2012 during 6th -9th September 2012 held at BIC, NOIDA, NEW DELHI and  achieved  “ALL INDIA 16TH POSITION” OUT OF 65 teams and “AP 2nd POSITION”.
  19. Mr. M. Sai Kumar Reddy, Ms. R. Mouthulya & Ms. P. Sindhuja, three pre final year students attended SAE COLT (Club officer Leadership Training) program held on 2nd & 3rd March 2013 at Chennai Institute of Technology, Chennai.
  20. Two student teams representing our club has participated in VIRTUAL SAEINDIA Effi-cycle 2013 competition held on 13th July 2013 at Dayanandsagar College of Engineering, Bangalore.

An SAEINDIA Collegiate Club is the best gift a college management can give to its students. An SAEINDIA Collegiate Club imparts a framework to the creativity and scientific thirst of students by providing avenues to students to solve engineering problems of real nature, learn to manage projects in a collaborative environment and keep themselves abreast with the latest in mobility engineering. It also helps them become more ready to work in the industry as committed collegiate club members may develop personal and professional attributes that may be valued by potential employers.
SAEINDIA Southern Section is a premier society that serves the cause of mobility engineering. It is a unique society that includes professional engineers who serve different OEMS and Suppliers, academia as well as budding engineers (students) who aspire to be part of the professionally attractive field of mobility engineers. We believe that Mobility Engineering is a knowledge rich field and that learning and sharing can be fun and rewarding. To this end, SAEISS organises several events throughout the year, runs programmes that enrich and engage and conducts lectures and symposia. It is a part of SAEINDIA.
SAEINDIA is a Premier Professional society that serves the Mobility Engineering Community engaged in the design, manufacture and service of self propelled vehicles and systems that move in land, sea, air and space. It is an affiliate society of SAE International which is head quartered in USA and has a glorious record of over 100 years of service to the mobility community.
SAEINDIA works closely with other fraternal societies such as Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), Automotive Component Manufacturers of India (ACMA) and American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin (ASEI) for spreading knowledge and relevant information to a wider cross section of the Indian community. It is also a member of International Federation of Automotive Engineering Societies (FISITA).


BAJA is an inter-collegiate event organized by SAE to provide SAE student members with a challenging project that involves design, engineering, planning, manufacturing, marketing and racing an All Terrain Vehicle. Each team’s goal is to design and build a prototype of a rugged single seat, off-road recreational four-wheel vehicle intended for sale to the non-professional, weekend off-road enthusiast. The competition goals include that the vehicle must be safe, easily maintained and fun to drive. It should be able to negotiate rough terrain in all types of weather without damage.


SAEINDIA is pleased to organize, SUPRA SAEINDIA 2014 Event followed by HR Meet on 2014 for the students of the Engineering Institutes all over India. This event provides a real world engineering challenge for the SAEINDIA Student members that reflect the steps involved in the entire process from design and engineering to production to marketing and endurance.
The SUPRA SAEINDIA 2014 is a forthcoming competition which presents the Under Graduate & Post Graduate Engineering Students the task of designing, modeling and fabricating a formula type racing car.
The concept behind SUPRA SAEINDIA 2014 is that a fictional manufacturing company has contacted a design team to develop a small Formula style race car. The prototype is to be evaluated for its potential as a racing car.
The target marketing group for the race car is the nonprofessional weekend autocross racer. Each team designs and produces a prototype based on well laid down rules & regulations.
The project fuels the exuberance of the youth by providing teams a platform to test their mettle, giving them a pragmatic exposure to real world challenges as faced in the industry. Students realize their talent through such an experience, making them proven candidates for the future as technocrats, entrepreneurs, designers, innovators and leaders.
This helps the objective of bringing out student talent to serve the nation for the years to come, in fulfillment of the Automotive Mission Plan (AMP2016) a dream to make India an International Automotive Hub. We invite you to come and kindle your innovative ideas and creativity to experience engineering at its best.

SAE Effi-Cycle

It is a design competition in which Engineering Students are given a stimulating task of designing, simulating and fabricating human powered vehicles. The objective of this event is to encourage people to use green vehicles and at the same time provide a platform for engineering students to tackle problems of the real world regarding the future implications of automobile industry.

The Design Contrivance

  1. A three wheeled two seater vehicle which would cater to the day-to-day mobility needs of people.
  2. Designed ergonomically and dynamically stable enough to cover large distances.
  3. For Custom applications in Educational Campuses, Manufacturing Facilities, Recreation, etc.

Student Convention

SAEINDIA Southern Section Annual Student Convention is an opportunity for students to showcase their skills & ideas to the industry and to the student community as well as to share, compete and learn in the process. It is the festival of technology for students and all different forms of technical skill and knowledge pertaining to basic concepts of mobiity engineering, engineering design challenges, and technical theatres are all present in one roof during these two days. It is SAEINDIA Southern Section's flagship event for students.  
The annual fixture is a fiercely contested multi-tier set of events In fact, aspiring students have to prove themselves to be the best in their college level events followed by Division level. Only those who successfully qualify get to be invited to the Student Convention. 
Student Conventions are a confluence of skills, creativity, competition and cameraderie. Student Convention 2012 promises to be no different. This edition is be organised in 3 tier format.
College Level. Compete and win and move to the Tier 2.
Division Level finals at Divisional Centres will pit the best teams from that region amongst one another. Top teams from colleges compete in this tier. The top 2 teams from this edition qualify to compete in the finals at the Convention. Only the best survive and more to the grand finale.
Convention Level: Two days of top class fun, learning and competition. Lot of prizes (and memories) to take home. On Day 1 of the convention, all event finals will be conducted. On the second day, all concluding functions would be organised. In addition to the 9 competitive events, there would also be an exposition of collegiate clubs to coincide to bring in tremendous mutual knowledge sharing. In addition, there would be a Technology Theatre, would would help the participants get exposed to some of the latest industry trends and technologies.  There would also be a Faculty Advisors workshop and to top it all, Club Officers Forum would meet alongside of this conference.
Student Convention has been designed to test the skills of student members across a broad spectrum. Participants can look forward to the following 7 major contests:

Sl No. Event name


Business Plan


Aero Design and Fabrication


Technical Paper Competition


Auto Quiz


Modeling and Animation


Computer Aided Manufacturing


Computer Aided Analysis


SAEINDIA Innovation Award


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